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Copedia is a standard framework of templates used by over 10,000 business and nonprofits. Our standard edition templates are licensed by subject or department, library, and Edition. Libraries include multiple subjects (template bundles) in one download.

Copedia Compass and Copedia Pro are for entities seeking the highest level of corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC). Copedia Pro includes all of our best tools and resources. Copedia Compass helps with the specific compliance needs for SOX, FAR, DCAA, and nonprofit compliance for entities managing grants, subject to ICFR audits, COSO 2013, or the Uniform Guidance 2CFR Part 200. Copedia Pro includes all of our best compliance tools and resources.

Copedia 365 provides free Copedia template updates for the product(s) you licensed. Also includes 1 year access to our business training and education platform BT Campus.

If you have questions or need samples – Our marketing site is https://www.copedia.com or please contact us. Tel: 970-306-7696 or email helpdesk@copedia.com.

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